The LSB Weekend MBA will give you direct experience with top international faculty from some of the best business schools in the world. Our professors are not only world-class academics, but also global business leaders. Some are top-level managers in international corporations while others are academics with leading research knowledge and substantial business experience across a range of industries.


LSB Weekend-MBA has been designed to offer maximum flexibility to full-time working professionals while retaining the face-to-face aspect of the MBA program. This combination results in a dynamic and flexible program that reinforces participants’ careers and develops their skills and competencies.


Duration:  2 Years. LSB Weekend-MBA is a 24-month-long program divided in 6 modules, each lasting 15 weeks.

Format:  Classes take place on alternating weekends (Friday evening from 6pm to 9pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm).                  

Language: English.                  

Next Intake(s): September 2019

weekend-mba-workloadThe average workload is 20 hours per week . (Classes included)


Pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree while working full-time is indeed a challenging yet rewarding experience. Doing both at the same time creates synergies. Our participants work full-time and go to class every second week, where they exchange ideas, acquire new competencies and learn new concepts which can then be immediately applied in their everyday work.


The Weekend-MBA program will enable you to constantly reflect on, and improve your everyday work.

  • The theory will help to make sense of things you have learned through your job experience by giving you foundations and guidelines.
  • Our innovative practice-oriented teaching techniques make the transition from the classroom to the workplace easy. Every class will give you takeaways, learning that can be applied directly, thus improving your performance at work.
  • In addition, it will empower you and give you the confidence you need to make difficult managerial decisions.


The Luxembourg School of Business Weekend-MBA program has a general-management focus. Each semester opens with a leadership workshop, during which students learn new concepts and theories of leadership. Over the course of the program, students engage in a ‘leadership journey’, which, with an on-going cycle of practice and reflection, allows them to nurture their own leadership styles.

MODULE 1: Foundations (10 ECTS) (September – December) Business Foundations (3 ECTS) Competitive Markets (3 ECTS) People and Organizations (3 ECTS) Leadership (1 ECTS)

Module 1 opens the program by establishing the foundations of business. The Business Foundations course immediately introduces the complexities of business thinking. Learn the basics of financial reporting, business analysis and elements of finance through a variety of case studies and projects. The Competitive Markets course examines the features and dynamics of markets, using both economic and strategic lens. The People and Organisations course explores human nature, at the individual, team, and organisational levels.

MODULE 2: Tools (10 ECTS) (January – April) Macroeconomics and Financial Markets (3 ECTS) Financial Reporting (3 ECTS) Managerial Economics (3 ECTS) Leadership (1 ECTS)

Module 2 develops a set of tools for business. Macroeconomics and Financial Markets allows the participants to gain a better understanding of the forces influencing national economies, currency markets, debt markets, and the overall climate in which businesses operate. Financial Reporting focuses on the ‘language’ of money, specifically the processes and procedures of accounting for a company’s activities. The Managerial Economics course investigates the relationships among companies and markets.

MODULE 3: Functions (10 ECTS) (May – August) Marketing (3 ECTS) Operations (3 ECTS) Finance (3 ECTS) Leadership (1 ECTS)

Module 3 opens up the company to reveal its major functions. The Marketing course studies how companies launch products to the market. The Operations course studies the ‘machinery’ behind a company. And the Finance course studies the investment decisions which are made in a company.

MODULE 4: Directions (10 ECTS) (September – December) Strategy (3 ECTS) Power and Persuasion (3 ECTS) Data Analysis and Decision-Making (3 ECTS) Leadership (1 ECTS)

Module 4 looks into the mechanisms, processes, and boundaries which guide a company’s directions. The Strategy course creates a set of frameworks which help define a company’s activities. The Power and Persuasion course looks at how people can influence the actions of others. The Data Analysis and Decision-Making course enumerates the information sources and techniques for driving a company’s activities.

MODULE 5: Extensions (10 ECTS) (January – April) Business Law (3 ECTS) Technology and Innovation (3 ECTS) Entrepreneurship (3 ECTS) Leadership (1 ECTS)

Module 5 extends the discussion of business into 3 new realms. The Business Law course looks at international corporate business law. Delve into the details of how international corporations operate, how their shareholding structure is organized, how they raise capital, and more.  The Technology and Innovation course takes the company into new products and markets. The Entrepreneurship course involves the experience of creating new entrepreneurial ventures – not only in forms of startups, but also through corporate entrepreneurship.

MODULE 6: Applications (10 ECTS) (May – August) Simulation (3 ECTS) Practicum (5 ECTS) Leadership (2 ECTS)

Module 6 provides the opportunity to apply learning acquired throughout the degree. The Simulation course employs a computer-based business simulation in which students ‘run’ a company over a multi-year period. The Practicum course is a company-based consulting project in which you must diagnose and solve a real challenge in a real company.


Undertaking the LSB Weekend-MBA program is a significant investment and a big commitment both financially and in terms of the work involved in completing the degree. More importantly, it is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. The total tuition for the entire 2-year Weekend-MBA program is EUR 30,000. Below is an overview of the tuition fees:

Tuition Payment Schedule for the Weekend-MBA Program

    1. EUR 1,900 (to be paid within 15 days of the notice of admission).
    1. EUR 6,100 (to be paid before 15 August 2019).
    1. EUR 5,500 (to be paid before the start of the first module).
    1. EUR 5,500 (to be paid before the start of the second module).
    1. EUR 5,500 (to be paid before the start of the third module).
  1. EUR 5,500 (to be paid before the start of the fourth module).

For more information on scholarships & financial aid, please visit:

*LSB Weekend MBA program is recognized by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. If you are a U.S. military personnel you can find more information on the Department of Veteran Affairs website providing the details on the education benefits and how to apply.

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Learn from our experienced and outstanding Faculty body from Top Business Schools around the world. The program is designed to fit with your career and  full-time job needs:

  • 2 Year Part-Time Program
  • Classes every alternate weekend (Fridays 6.00pm to 9.00pm & Saturdays 9.00am to 5.00pm)
  • Work Full-time & Study without putting careers on hold
  • Tuition: 30.000 €


A General Management Program with a Practice – oriented approach. Study with an international group of Experienced professionals with diverse professional backgrounds, working industries, and age ranges.  Language: Classes taught in English.


Participate in our Executive Education Programs without additional fees and develop your network with local managers. Possibility of doing double degree program with Boston University on a specialized area.



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Age: The Average LSB MBA Student is around 37 years old

Experience: The Average LSB MBA Student has over 10 years of business experience

Success: 100% of LSB’s Class 2017 MBA graduates received promotions

Around 55% of LSB students already have Master-level educations prior to joining the LSB MBA program.

MBA Student Backgrounds (in %)

  • Engineers
  • Business/Social Sciences Background
  • Finance
  • Lawyers/Legal



Are you interested in learning more about the LSB Weekend-MBA Program? If you live in or around Luxembourg, you can schedule a “Walk-in Meeting” at our Gasperich campus.

There, you will be welcomed by our admission managers who will be able to explain the program to you in details. In order to schedule a direct meeting, feel free to contact us directly at

Candidates who live outside of Luxembourg can also contact us directly in order to schedule a one-on-one teleconference/Skype session