Living in Luxembourg means living in the very heart of the European Union. Bordering France, ‍Germany and ‍Belgium, Luxembourg is within couple of hours reach from some of the most vibrant European capitals.

Working in Luxembourg means working in one of the most important financial centres in Europe and in the world. Luxembourg is a place where finance, high-value added manufacturing, ICT, logistics, aerospace, professional services, steel and chemical industries converge – thereby creating a unique blend of opportunities which are rarely available elsewhere in Europe.


Studying in Luxembourg means being in the middle of all this, soaking up knowledge transferred here from all over the world and taking advantage of a wide range of opportunities that are for the taking. Whether you are planning a career in a large multinational or starting your own business, Luxembourg is a great place to do it from – and Luxembourg School of Business is there to support you.



The LSB Full-time MBA program is unique both in its structure and in its form.

The program is ideal for experienced professional looking to expand their knowledge, skills and international experience by starting this 1-year program in Luxembourg. Upon the completion of this program, candidates will have opportunities to continue their careers in Luxembourg, or will use Luxembourg as their European base from which they can plan international careers.

LSB Full-Time MBA program has an innovative and efficient format, which allows the students to use the weekdays for studying and working on assignments, while weekends (Fridays evening and Saturdays) are dedicated to face-to-face classes with our faculty members.





Duration: 1 Year. LSB Full-Time MBA Program is an intensive 12-month-long MBA divided in 3 semesters of 16 weeks.

Format: Classes take place every weekend (Friday evening from 6pm to 9pm and Saturday from 9am to 6pm).

Language: English.

Intake: September 2017.

weekend-mba-workloadThe estimated workload is 40 hours per week (including classes). This consists of 10 hours of lectures per week + 30 hours of individual/group work and assignments.


luxembourg-location-full-time-mbaLuxembourg is in the centre of Europe. From Luxembourg you can easily travel to the rest of Europe. Some of the biggest capitals are directly accessible by plane, train and bus.

luxembourg-international-careers-full-time-mbaLuxembourg City is a very international and multicultural city with over 110 nationalities representing almost 50% of the total population. With 3 official languages (French, German & Luxembourgish) and English being often used, it is a great place to improve your linguistic skills.

luxembourg-safest-city-to-liveLuxembourg City is also a great city to live in as it is the safest City in the world and the 19th best city in the world in terms of quality of life (out of 230 cities).


luxembourg-european-multinational-hqLuxembourg is the European or Global HQ of many multinational companies, such as Amazon, ArcelorMittal, SES, RTL, Delphi, Plastipak, DuPont Nemours, Ferrero…

luxembourg-low-unemployment-ratesLow unemployment rate (5,9% vs. average in Europe: 9,7%).

highest-minimum-salary-luxembourgHighest minimum legal salary in Europe with €2.307,56 per month and second highest in the world after Australia.

luxembourg-safest-city-to-liveCentre of excellence in Finance, Banking, R&D. Luxembourg is the 2nd largest fund centre in the world (after the U.S.).


LSB Full-Time MBA program has a general-management focus. Each semester opens with a leadership workshop, during which students learn new concepts and theories of leadership. Over the course of the program the students engage in a ‘leadership journey’, which, with an on-going cycle of practice and reflection, allows them to nurture their own leadership styles.
The curriculum encompasses three modules conveying the fundamentals, providing the tools and offering numerous opportunities to apply new knowledge.

1st Module (20 ECTS)
(September – December)


Business Foundations (3 ECTS)
Competitive Markets (3 ECTS)
People and Organizations (3 ECTS)


Marketing (3 ECTS)
Operations (3 ECTS)
Finance (3 ECTS)
Leadership (2 ECTS)

The first module provides students with the fundamentals of business. On the one hand, students will explore the larger business “arena” in which business managers operate through the Global Economy, Competitive Markets and People and Organizations classes. On the other hand, students will get to understand the major functions of a company by attending classes in Marketing, Operations, and Finance.

2nd Module (20 ECTS)
(January – April)


Macroeconomics and Financial Markets (3 ECTS)
Financial Reporting (3 ECTS)
Managerial Economics (3 ECTS)


Business Law (3 ECTS)
Technology and Innovation (3 ECTS)
Entrepreneurship (4 ECTS)
Leadership (2 ECTS)

The second module develops a set of tools for business through the classes in Business Law and Ethics, Financial Reporting and Managerial Economics. It also extends the discussion of business into the realms of International Business, Technology and Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

3rd Module (20 ECTS)
(May – August)


Strategy (3 ECTS)
Power and Persuasion (3 ECTS)
Data Analysis and Decision-Making (3 ECTS)


Simulation (3 ECTS)
Practicum (5 ECTS)
Leadership (3 ECTS)

The third module concludes the program by looking into the mechanisms, processes and boundaries which guide a company’s directions with courses on Strategy, Power and Persuasion, and Data Analysis and Decision-Making. The third module will provide students with the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in a Simulation and in the Practicum.



Undertaking the LSB Full-Time MBA program is a significant investment and a big commitment – both in financial terms and in terms of the work involved in completing the degree.

Total tuition for the entire 1-year Full-Time MBA program is EUR 30,000

Below is an overview of the MBA tuition fees:

The tuition fees are payable in four installments, as detailed in this table. The first installment is payable within 30 days of the notice of admission. Other installments are payable prior to the beginning of new semesters.

  1. EUR 1,900 (to be paid within 30 days of the notice of admission).
  2. EUR 6,100 (to be paid before 18 August 2017).
  3. EUR 6,000 (to be paid before the start of the first module).
  4. EUR 8,000 (to be paid before the start of the second module).
  5. EUR 8,000 (to be paid before the start of the third module).

For more information on scholarships & financial aid, please visit:



Rounds Deadline Program Admission Notification
1st Round 15 April, 2017 Weekend MBA, Full Time MBA 31 May, 2017
2nd Round 15 July, 2017 Weekend MBA, Full Time MBA 15 August, 2017


*Due to the number of applicants and limited spaces we encourage you to complete your online application before the first round to have a guaranteed place. Applications are reviewed by our Admissions Committee upon reception.

For more details on the application process, requirements and necessary documentation – please consult the ADMISSIONS section of our website.


Should you require assistance with your application procedure, or you have questions that concern our academic programs, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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