Emerging Leader Program (5days)

Overview Moving to a leadership role for the first time? This program allows you to gain insight into strengths and weaknesses as a new manager but also learn new techniques and strategic framework. What skills do future leaders need to acquire to guide in the most effective way? Faced with new responsibilities and challenges, you need new skills to manage others and achieve results. Transform into a leader who can inspire successful teams and show credible leadership to superiors, peers and subordinates.

Who is it for This program is targeted towards new team leader who shares the ambition to grow and take the next step in their career.


Self-awareness –It is a key attribute of effective leaders. It gives you a unique insight into your own leadership style and the effect your approach may have on others.

Team management – Understanding the process, design and dynamics of teams is a critical element of team leadership. Learn about the behaviors that build a collaborative and supportive team environment and develop your social awareness to successfully manage a team.

Handling tough situations – When people work in teams, they may have conflicting goals and working style. However, a good leader could turn this potentially negative force into an opportunity for creativity and greater productivity. This course equips you with tools and strategies required to efficiently handle such situations.

Empowerment – Empowering individuals to motivate and inspire them to perform better in the workplace. It creates an atmosphere of responsibility and accountability among the team members.

EMERGING LEADER PROGRAM part 1 – 11 / 13 June 2018

+ Online test prior the beginning of the program

  • Leading Groups and discovering Group Dynamics
  • How to motivate people
  • Conflict management
  • Managing Up, how young team leaders manage the hierarchy

Faculty: Paul Green from Harvard Business School conducted research across various industries (food processing, auto manufacturing, and professional services). He won the 2012 Harvard Business Review/McKinsey M-Prize for his work advancing Self-Management.

EMERGING LEADER PROGRAM part 2 – 14 / 15 June 2018

  • Manage people and performance
  • The efficient communicator
  • How to provide effective and efficient feedback
  • Efficient work design (Delegation and Time Management)

+ 2 hours of coaching session after the program (face to face of Skype).

Faculty: Dr. Dino Dogan is the Dean of the Luxembourg School of Business. As CFO of Mobilkom Austria, he oversaw and implemented the merger with Telekom Austria to create Austria’s largest telecommunications operator – A1 Telekom Austria.


  • Personal Leadership
  • Leading teams
  • Feedback and Empowerment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Expectancy, Goals, Needs &Values 
  • Goal-Setting Effects on Productivity
  • Rewards & Punishment
  • Team Structure 
  • +  Individual Coaching Session



11 Jun 2018 - 15 Jun 2018


09:00 - 17:00


EUR 3900 (+3% VAT)


Multi Day Program


Luxembourg School of Business
julien.alves@luxsb.lu, marc.vanacker@luxsb.lu,

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