Building Trust with Others (2days)


Exhaustive studies have shown that increasing trust is the primary driver of new revenue generation within an existing client group. Is your ability to build trust as good as it could be? What impact would it have if you were better at it? The biggest gap found in many world-leading leadership development programs is the gap between how much leaders believe they are trusted and how much they actually are. Getting better at the understanding trust is a key step in taking greater control of your practice and your life.


Darryl Stickel has worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company. He has served clients from senior military deployed in Afghanistan to senior wealth advisors or CEO of multinational corporations. He holds a Ph.D. in Business from Duke University.

Who should attend?

Mid-senior management. 

Program objectives

This program is a combination of theory and works on practical applied approaches to building trust and/or resolve existing trust problems.  Participants will leave with thoughts about things they can do the next day to build better relationships with their clients.  People will leave feeling like they not only understand trust but actually know what to do about it shorter and longer term.  Companies can use this material to develop their own strategic/organizational approach to best practices in building trust.

At the end of this workshop, the participants should be able to have:

A clear understanding of what trust is.

A comprehensive understanding of how trust works.

Practical applied approaches to a broad range of trust problems.

An approach to analyzing and resolving any trust issues they are currently facing.

A proven approach to building stronger relationships both within their organization and with third parties.


23 Oct 2018 - 24 Oct 2018


09:00 - 17:00


EUR 2200 (+3% VAT)


C-Level / Board Member,
For Entrepreneurs,
Mid-Senior Management,
Multi Day Program


Luxembourg School of Business

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