In complex environments, organizations need to learn, change and innovate. Clear vision and strategy are prerequisites for success, but only your people can take you there. From strategy to operations, our customized programs provide efficient solutions for your employees in any kind of industries in Luxembourg or in Europe. Personalised program delivery format will be determined by the needs of your organization in collaboration with our faculty member. Our primary goal is to make an impact on your organization.

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How can we help?

Core Business Competencies

LSB can help develop core business competencies across your organization. From finance to leadership, strategy, operations, marketing, innovation, human resources, LSB can help develop your people and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Strategy & Change

Our faculty consists of a balanced mix of top academics and executives, with experiences in a variety of industries. We can provide clients with unparalleled perspective on their key business issues. Whether your organization has to reevaluate its mission and vision, or its strategy, LSB faculty can accompany your transformation process. Our faculty members have led and successfully executed some of the largest mergers and change processes in Europe. 


At LSB we believe that trust is key to organizational success. Among our faculty, we have some of the world’s top experts on trust. Our faculty have developed proprietary models and frameworks, backed by solid scientific research, on how individuals and organizations can build trust and create strong relationships both with internal and external stakeholders.


Developing leaders is what we love to do at LSB. Our specific approach can be described as real-world focused with strong theoretical support. We believe that experienced professionals have to learn by doing. Our faculty composed of executives and top academics provide unique perspective into the challenges of modern leadership.


We help organizations become financially aware and literate. Our faculty consists of seasoned investment bankers and academics with world-class references and experience. Their specialty is taking complex financial concepts and explaining them to professionals in the simplest way possible through a practical approach. Our approach is often multidisciplinary, linking finance to strategy and providing a wider picture.

Blockchain Technology

LSB was one of the first business schools in the world that recognized the potential behind blockchain technology. We can help clients explore the potential benefits of blockchain technology through customized workshops and advisory services.


LSB actively helps client organizations improve negotiating capabilities. Clients looking to develop negotiation skills within sales, purchasing, marketing or other business functions turn to LSB to make it happen.


At LSB we believe that technology and the demand for increased productivity will radically change the nature of work, and how work is organized. Companies looking to adapt to these new circumstances turn to us for advice. Some of our faculty members are among the leading experts in the field of operations. Using methodologies such as Dynamic Work Design, we help clients streamline their businesses and increase productivity.