Managing Budgets and Costs - Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Dr. Andrej Grubisic

Manage budgets and control costs

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October 25, 2017
25-27th October, 2017


Dr. Andrej Grubisic
Dr. Andrej Grubisic
Professor of Finance


LSB Gasperich Campus, 19 Rue Eugene Ruppert, L-2453, Luxembourg   View map


Any professional with budget responsibility or who wishes to understand how budgets and costs can be effectively controlled. This course is suitable for managers, directors, lawyers and professionals of all levels, across any industry, who are expected to make business decisions with direct financial impact to their business’ bottomline, or to get a better understanding of their clients’ businesses.


This module explores the techniques and procedure companies use to forecast and control costs, their impact on corporate strategy, financial fundamentals, organizational structures and the people within them. It also surveys the evolution of different trends and approaches to the implementation of these techniques, their pros and cons, their fit within different industries and corporate growth rates, in the face of current challenges in a rapidly changing global business environment.


You will gain a deeper appreciation for the role that corporate costs play in the process of value creation which corporations, and the people within them, are engaged in. The importance of controlling costs, as a way to increase value generated cannot be exaggerated if one accepts that creating new value is the only healthy and effective way we know to raise our standard of living.

We will also look at the techniques that have been developed to systematize the control of costs. Such techniques go from the Annual Budget Procedure, to medium-and Long-Term Financial Planning, Activity-Based Costing (also known as ABC), to Zero-based Budgeting. Various companies in various industries have used them with various results – the truth being that success rarely depends on the specific technique used but rather on the context, on its practical implementation, its timing, and the people and leadership behind it. In other words, companies are a people business and sooner rather than later it all comes to the people involved – very little in fact in management can be discussed or implemented without considering the “People Factor”.

The course will be completely interactive and case driven. Cases represent the closest we can get in class to experiencing management challenges in the real world. By selecting cases covering very different management situations, geographies, companies, industries, and technologies, you will be able to maximize general business knowledge and to acquire immediately actionable experience.

  • Location:
    LSB Campus, 19 Rue Eugene Ruppert, L-2453, Luxembourg
  • Dates: 25-27th October, 2017
  • Program Fees:
    EUR 2,600 per participant
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Learn how budgets are created, managed and used to effectively control costs and increase value.