Finance for Non-Finance Professionals- Understanding financial statement & making investment decisions

Understand the language of finance and how investments are made

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October 25, 2017
25-27th October, 2017


Dr. Andrej Grubisic
Dr. Andrej Grubisic
Professor of Finance


LSB Gasperich Campus, 19 Rue Eugene Ruppert, L-2453, Luxembourg   View map



Any professional who wishes to gain skills necessary to understand how businesses operate and how financial information is presented,analyzed and interpreted. This course is suitable for managers, directors,lawyers and professionals of all levels, across any industry, who are expected to make business decisions with direct financial impact to their business bottom line, or to get a better understanding of their clients businesses.


The purpose of the program is to create a critical amount of understanding of selected areas and topics from corporate finance. The program also gives an opportunity to exchange mutual practical experiences, clarify frequently encountered financial terms and phrases often heard but never completely understood, and finally to learn the tricks and tips not written in conventional academic literature. Understanding value and risk is crucial to making sound financial decisions.In order to grow, almost any company needs to make investments. How are these investments assessed, analyzed and how will they impact your business’ financial position – that is up to you as a manager to determine. Should a certain project, product or service be continued or discontinued? How can you measure risk associated with investments?


The intention is to gain new,or ascertain and refresh existing, knowledge of fundamentals of corporate financial analysis. This program will introduce the participants to the concepts of net present value and future value of money, understanding and managing cash-flow and net working capital. The program will provide the participants with key concepts required to analyze and assess investment opportunities. Some of the concepts covered in this program are:

  • Present Value, Future Value, Net present value
  • Internal Rate of Return, Payback, Return on Assets
  • Cost of capital
  • International finance

Following the completion of this program, you should be able to perform investment or project appraisals using ‘discounted cash-flow’ technique. You should also be able to build company valuation models based on cash-flow forecasts as well as get a solid understanding of what the relationship between risk and return is and how rate of return is calculated.

  • Location:
    LSB Campus, 19 Rue Eugene Ruppert, L-2453, Luxembourg
  • Dates: 25-27th October, 2017
  • Program¬†Fees:
    EUR 2,600 per participant
  • Group Discount Applies!*

    *Companies sending teams of 3-4 people to a certain program can benefit from deep discounts. Contact us for more information.

Understand the language of finance and how investments are made