Weekend-MBA  Program

The LSB Weekend-MBA program is a 24-month part-time program created for working professionals who want to fully immerse themselves into a high-level academic experience, without putting a stop to their careers. Our innovative flagship program was designed around three focal elements: flexibility, impactful learning and practice-oriented approach.
The classes take place every second weekend (Friday evening and Saturday) for a period of 24 months.

Full-time MBA Program

The LSB full-time MBA program is a 12-month intensive program created for individuals who want to take time off to reflect, gain necessary skills, develop specific competencies and advance their careers.
Classes are held every weekend (Friday evening and Saturday). This format is efficient and allows the candidates to spend the weekdays working on their assignments/readings and the weekends in intensive classes.

Executive Education

Ranging from short open programs or Certificate programs to customized programs tailored specifically for client companies, Luxembourg School of Business Executive Education supports the School's mission to provide an inspiring and multicultural learning environment for international business leaders. Our Executive Education programs are designed for Mid-Senior management, including C-suite, and are taught by professors from LSB as well as some of the best business schools in the world.

Who is the Weekend-MBA for?
- Candidates are required to have a minimum of two years of professional experience. Current class regroups participants who have from 3 years to 29 years of professional experience.
- Participants come from a variety of industries, such as: Banking, Satellites, Telecom, Entertainment Industry, Financial Services, ICT, etc...
- High-achieving experienced professionals looking for an MBA program that will allow them to learn from top international faculty, while continuing to advance their careers.
- LSB Weekend-MBA program has a general management focus. This degree will provide the participants with a cross-functional skillset, helping them become general managers and better leaders.

Student Testimonial:
"My company is currently going through massive changes that are potentially going to result in the change of our business model. The LSB MBA provides me with a new perspective, allowing me to make effective decisions and get a better understanding of the uncertainties that lie ahead. The Weekend-MBA is the right format for me since it allows me to continue to work full-time and apply newly acquired tools and the knowledge directly to my daily business problems. I chose LSB also because here professors come from a wide variety of top institutions and companies, each providing a different perspective."
Steve, Weekend-MBA  Student, Country Head Luxembourg of an Insurance Company

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Who is the Full-time MBA program for?
- Candidates are required to have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience.
- Professionals who want to start a career in Europe & want to dedicate a full year to acquiring an MBA degree.
- LSB Weekend-MBA program has a general management focus. This degree will provide the participants with a cross-functional skillset, helping them become general managers and better leaders.

Luxembourg: the international and multicultural centre of Europe
- Over 110 nationalities representing almost 50% of the total population 3 official languages (French, German, Luxembourgish) + English as a working language in most companies 
- Centrally located and well connected - Luxembourg is truly in the heart of Europe

Luxembourg: an entry to the EU job market
- Luxembourg is a dynamic business hub with EU or Global HQ of companies like Amazon, ArcelorMittal, Delphi, Ferrero, SES and many others.
- Luxembourg has the second highest GDP per capita in the world and the second highest minimum wage in the world (after Australia).
- Luxembourg is a global centre of excellence for Finance, high value-added Manufacturing, R&D and IT sector.

Try living in the heart of Europe, working in an environment where people speak on average three to four foreign languages, where international finance, industry and supranational organizations meet and studying in an environment where you can apply your knowledge and competencies to global issues.

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LSB executive education

Short Programs for Professionals. 100% Practice-oriented. Faculty from best business schools in the world.
Open Programs

High-impact workshops focused on developing a particular set of competencies

Certificate Programs

To reflect on your management style & discover new management practices

Custom Programs

Programs tailored to your organization’s needs


High-impact workshops focused on developing a particular set of competencies

These short 1-3 day programs are open to anyone interested in further exploring certain topics, or developing a particular set of skills. Interested participants are free to choose and enroll into any of the courses we offer. The classes are designed and taught by our world class faculty and feature intensive use of the case method, simulations and exercises. 


To reflect on your management style & discover new management practices

To thrive in today’s increasingly competitive, global workplace, it takes fresh thinking and a cross-functional mindset. Join us for the Strategic Management Program (SMP), a world-class executive education program that will change the way you do business. You’ll leave the program with an improved skill set and fresh ideas for approaching critical business issues. Upon completion of the program, you’ll receive a Strategic Management Program certificate issued by the University of Michigan’s William Davidson Institute and the Luxembourg School of Business.


Programs tailored to your organization’s needs

While open enrollment programs enable and improve individuals' skills and competencies, custom programs are designed to enable and facilitate implementation of company-wide strategic goals. LSB works with companies on delivering tailor-made programs focused on particular learning objectives and strategic issues faced by client companies operating in Luxembourg and/or across the world. Custom programs can be tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs. Upon review and discussion of your organization’s goals, our team and our faculty will work with you on articulating individually designed solutions. We will assist you in setting specific goals for each custom program. We will help you in measuring the outcome of the program, follow up on post-program employee performance and the impact such program has had on your company.

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